Mental Health Programs
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Hello and welcome to our website!

We hope that you find our site helpful and definitive;
providing you with useful information and referrals. 

We continuously encourage feedback concerning our
web-site and other issues involving mental health.

We also encourage you to browse this site and review
our recent and upcoming events, as well.

What our web-site is and what it is not.  It is not a
forum for political debate on mental health issues. 
It is, however, a forum for exchanging issues
concerning mental health and exchanging
information and ideas on how to better serve
people with mental illness.

To this end we look forward to making contact
with other mental health venues here in the
United States and around the world.

Won't you join us in beginning the connection
that we hope will ultimately reach around
the globe linking people everywhere with
mental illness and thus allowing for what may
be  an unprecedented exchange of information
about mental illness from and for people with
mental illness, their family and friends.