Frequently Asked Questions:
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Mental Health Programs

1.   Do I have to sign-up for a group at Enterprise or Linda Reed?

      No, unless otherwise noted, groups are open to all mental health clients on a drop-in basis.

2.  Are there any meals provided at Enterprise or Linda Reed?

     We do not serve meals. The ERC does receive occasional food
     donations and offers food on special occasions.

3.  Why doesn't the Warmline take crisis calls?

        The Warmline is not a hotline, it's for Peer Counseling.  If you have a crisis you'll want to call
Psychiatric Emergency at 499-6666 or Suicide Prevention at 499-1100.                                

4.  Who is eligible for the C.A.R.E. Team (homeless mobile outreach) services?

     Any adult in Marin County who has a mental illness and
     is homeless or at risk
of becoming homeless.

5.  Are there fees for any of Community Action Marin's Mental Health Programs?

     No, we do not charge for any of our services. 

6.  How can I become a Peer Counselor or Peer Case Manager?

     By starting the Peer Counseling Program.

7.  Are there computers and free internet service at the Enterprise?

     Yes, there are five, just sign-up for one.

8.   How do I get free counseling?

      Show up or call the Enterprise and ask if there is a Peer Counselor available for counseling.

9.   What are the Peer Counseling courses?
Introduction to Peer Counseling, Peer Counseling and Case Management
Introduction to Abnormal Psychology, Introduction to Psychiatric Medication
and Advanced Peer Counseling/Case Management.

10.  Do you have an information and referral service?

       Yes, contact the Enterprise at 457-4554 for public and private services
in Marin County or check out our links and resources on this website.