Mental Health Programs
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Would you like to donate
with your credit card to 
C.A.M.'s Mental Health Programs?
click on the website below, go to donate
and select Mental Health Programs

If you would like to write a check:

C.A.M. Mental Health
29 Mary Street
San Rafael, CA 94901

If you would like to give to
a particular program, please specify.
A few examples:

 . C.A.R.E. Team
 . Enterprise Resource Center
 . Linda Reed Activities Club
 Peer Companion Program
  •  1108 Gallery

           OUR WISH LIST:

            . sleeping bags
            . clean blankets
            . tents & tarps
            . clean clothing
            . backpacks
            . gift cards
             . toiletries
             . maxi pads & tampons
            . jackets/coats
            . rain gear
            . socks & underwear
            . tickets to movies
             . tickets to museums
             . tickets to sports events