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Poetry Corner

End All Fear

It's crystal clear why I am here
It's never been before.
I am here to end all fear and
Like an eagle.....Soar
I was born in scarcity
Conceived in pain and doubt.
The doctors pulled and yanked at me
I was sorry I came out.
For years to come
I did resent the childhood days I spent;
With scarcity, pain and doubt,
They never did relent.
Now, I know it's not their fault
they gave but what they had...
Yet I was filled with a love and truth
unknown to mom and dad.
For years, my love and truth and I
withdrew into my room.
Holding back the gifts I had was like
living in a tomb.
A Voice spoke through my dream
said:  "Life is but a play; and the morale
of the story is not the role
But the way in which it's played.
Now, it's crystal clear to me,
I remember why I'm here...
To share my love and truth with you
Put an End to Fear.

by Cheryl August

Perlie On Safari:  A Short Story about Her Adventures

Perlie woke up wondering what character she could be today.
She came up with a brilliant idea as she was listening to and
watching  T.V. while eating breakfast.  A program about an
adventure trip, known as a safari, which includes seeing and
experiencing members of the plant and animal kingdoms, caught
her attention.  Perlie thought: "Gee, I'd like to go on a safari trip to
a far away place and see many animals, forests and plants."   As she
was getting ready to dive into her preparation for her fantasy life
and engage with this pretend world, Perlie was enjoying the music
associated with this special televised program.  She was wondering
if music plays a part in safaris, or if it was just an additional  feature
of the program in order to attract viewers.  Perlie came to the
conclusion that music was for advertisement purposes, to attract
audience attention.  Now that she is ready for her fantasy life, she'll
have fun going on a surfing safari for starters on the clear waters of
Australia, the "Land Down Under."  She is having a good time shopping
for some bikini swimsuits to wear; she found what she was looking for,
all three of them, purple, red and blue ones.  Perlie's favorite bikini is
the blue one, so she'll wear it going to Australia's seashore.  The Quantas
airline trip was lots of fun for her; it took nine hours to get there from
Hawaii though, but there was food and entertainment on the plane.
Perlie watched closed circuit  T.V. and movies, ate pasta and salad,
had iced tea and read some magazines, so she would not become bored,
even though she had a window seat, since there weren't very many 
passengers on this flight.  After this plane trip, Perlie's eyes opened wide
when she first saw the beauty of Australia.  It's forests, plant life, flowers,
red soil, and animals, such as kangaroos roaming about, were magnificent,
as were it's oceans and shorelines.  She picked up a few pretty sea shells from
the wet sandy beach and heard the Beach Boys' rock and roll hit from a nearby
radio," Surfing Safari."

.......AND Perlie's Safari continues!
created by Margreet Winkler
author and editor Marie Tannyhill

Perlie was thinking about this song as it was long over with; "Let's Go
Surfing Now, Everybody's Learning How, Come On Let's Safari With Me." 
This stayed with Perlie; she loved the words or lyrics and melody.
really fit the occasion of what she was about to do soon.  She asked some
beachcomers which areas were best for surfing and where to rent her
surfboard.  Once she got her answers, she was on her way to fun in the
sun, to a glorious vacation time.  Perlie tested the water with her feet
to see how warm it was, and to her surprise, she was delighted.  It was
comfortably warm, just right for surfing and swimming.  She was
watching the huge waves and thought they would be a good place
to start with her surfboard.  There were no warning signs posted
about shark dangers or no swimming, so she was thankful for that. 
As soon as she walked into the water, she found a calm area before
a wave and got onto her surfboard and began "shooting the curl",
or "surfing safari", in other words. Perlie was having so much fun
riding the the waves; spending hours each day on her vacation
doing this was so joyful to her.  She didn't want to do anything else.
When the waves did break, she managed to swim in between each time
she surfed, or "hung ten", as another way of saying it.  Realizing she had
only one more week left of her vacation, she wanted to see the other side
of Australian life - plants and animals.  So she figured she could always go
 surfing back home in Hawaii, when she returns be continued.

The Homeless

Some call them the brick people.
And perhaps they are the foundations
we walk upon.
What is it that breaks down
in the blood of the heart
until the heart breaks down
leaving them there on the only streets
we have.  The steam rises from my plate,
my feet are warm as I come home
the steam even rises from our magnificent trees
in their home.
Bury these rags of others. Come home.
They pull the dark shade from the library
over them. The damp fog delivers them in the morning.

by Eugene Ruggles

Where Do you Find a Poem?

To find a poem is like diving in the ocean,
To discover an ancient coin,
a precious jewel,
a love letter sealed in a
blue glazed glass bottle
dated 880 B.C. in Egyptian hieroglyphics.
Surprisingly, the poem is so familiar that
it is like finding a long lost friend.
It is like finding your way home.
You see the poem not written on a piece of paper
or wood, pictographic
script or cuneiform.  Nor was it written
in your head or hands.
Oh, no.  The poem is engraved in your heart,
projecting out the most magificent musical notes,
the haunting paintings in the caves.
Most of all, you never did find the poem.
The poem finds you.
That is the day you suddenly realized
you are the living poem.

by Kitty Miao
First published by 
Marin Brain Injury Network
(c) 2003

In Truth

  1. In truth I felt my anger go

  2. When only I could tell

  3. The passing time that hit me so

  4. And buried me in hell

  5. This place is reckless as a still

  6. The more I know I know

  7. Another helping never will

  8. ‘till again at startin’s hill

  9. I asked for money faith and love

  10. the things one does not shove
  11. A bit of honey from above

  12. A child most wants still of

  13. Let go of peace by tellng right

  14. Not veiling all that’s light

  15. Loving all within a sigh  

by Larry Knittel