Mental Health Programs
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2015 Special Events

ERC Picnic at Gerstle Park in San Rafael on August 27th, 2015 


Tom & Quentin setting up for the big event


Gerstle Park Entrance 


Gerstle Park Picnic Area 

Field Trip to Museum of the American Indian at Miwok Park in Novato on Spetember 10th, 2015. This small museum is a hidden treasure! The Coast Miwoks lived in villages from Novato to Bolinas to San Rafael. At least 600 village sites have been identified. The exhibit included art, Indian clothing, jewelry, baskets & many artifacts dating back to 1500 B.C. to 500 A.D. It was a fascinating look into the survival of the Miwok Indians through their hunting skills, family traditions, values and their innate ability to live off the land.

Miwok Museum

Field Trip to Giant Steps Therapeutic Equestrian Center on October 8th, 2015.
ERC cleints traveled to the Petaluma area to visit the equestrian center. The program at Giant Steps offers people of all ages with a wide range of disablities by enhancing the physical, cognitive, emotional, developmental and well-being of the rider's relationship with his or her horse.
We were introduced to the 14 beautiful horses in the program. The horses became our best friends as we met each horse, learned therir names, breed and history. Each client was given the opportunity to select their favorite horse and learn how to brush and care for them. ERC clients were excited and had big smiles as they groomed their individual horses.
Our host, Julie Larson, explained how the client's needs come first and the horses are selected carefully for the appropriate person. Lessons are designed to suit each rider's particular ability, stamina and are consistent with predetermined goals that are established with parents, teachers, caregivers, physicians and other therapists. The programs offer the opportunity to focus not on their limitations, but on what they can do, and the results are exratordinary!
We had a beautiful picnic lunch with Julie. All agreed that this field trip to Petaluma was one of the best.